The gutters or the shallow troughs that carry rain water to the ground from the roof are an important part in any roof. They help to get the rain water down without letting it spill on the pavement of a house. They also provide a certain layer of extra protection to the roof. However, because of their build and the way they create a certain safe space between themselves and the roof they become an attraction for all kind of vermin. All of us have gone through the trouble created by these vermin gathering in these shallow troughs. We have been trying to deal with them using a number of methods. However, not any method is as good as the modern gutter protection systems. Let us see how this is better than the old ways.

Usual Way of Getting Rid of Vermin
The creatures or vermin that gather in these shallow troughs that run along the edge of the roof are possums, myna birds and rats. Some of them only roam but some decide this as a safe space and build their nest on them. Usually, they select a corner where there seem to be less disturbances and make their nests. Once they do because of their nests the whole trough gets blocked. So, once the rain falls the main purpose of the trough is no longer valid as all the water stick to one place without draining through the downpipes as they should. Most people try to remedy the situation by chasing away the vermin whenever they can. They use various methods to scare them away such as lighting crackers. However, this can be tiresome as you have to always be on the lookout for vermin and most of the time you get to know about them once they have settled down. That is why this new way is way better.

The Better Way of Getting Rid of Vermin
The new way is known as leaf guard gutter system where you install an aluminium mesh over the roof tiles even covering the gutters. Since this mesh is installed in a way that it has a natural slope, all the leaves that fall on it rolls down to the ground without getting stuck on the roof.  At the same time, since the mesh is covering the narrow troughs around the roof no vermin can now stay there or settle down there. That way you do not have to keep a vermin watch too. Find the right supplier and get the new solution installed to your roof too.